Grain Handling

Today, Dunn Grain is proud to supply growers and customers with identity preserved wheat seed and grain all over the world. With the establishment of our research division, Dunn Plant Genetics, we have the unique opportunity to observe new varieties as they are produced in our nurseries. Our breeders select only those lines that meet the highest standards, both for our customers as well as our growers. Our seed certification process allows us the ability to preserve the identity of our varieties all the way to the end user, so that when you buy grain from us, you will be assured that you are getting the purest, highest-quality grain in the world.  

Our seed increases are grown on our own farm, with painstaking efforts taken to ensure the highest levels of purity so that our growers know that they will always get the highest quality seed. This process begins with our breeders and seed production experts closely monitoring the growth of our varieties through several generations before the seed can become certified, beginning with breeder seed, moving to foundation seed, then to registered seed, before it is finally labelled as certified seed. This costly, time-consuming process is what puts Dunn Grain a cut above the rest.